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Work From Home Meal Prep

Who else is on the routine struggle bus? 42% of the US labor force is now working from home full time. Gyms are closed and comfort food searches on Google are on the rise. The “Quarantine 15” is real. 

We long for the days when prepping and packing healthy lunches for ourselves and the kids was part of the weekly routine. Instead, we’re all at home. And, let’s be real, sometimes it’s easier to reach for a high-carb snack, make the higher-calorie casserole and give the kids all the ice cream they want.

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Cali'flour Summer

Summer is in full swing. Who's dreaming of ways to cool off and break up the meal monotony? We're dishing some of our favorite low carb summer recipes to make meal planning a cinch. Whether it's dinner for one or four, we've included lower-in-carb and calorie options to help you get though the last bit of summer. 


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Cali’flour Foods Expands Popular Line of Low-carb Flatbreads With a Fresh New Flavor

Wrap it, grill it, dip it, stuff it. Skinny-up any summer meal with the new Sun-Dried Tomato Flatbreads from Cali’flour Foods, makers of low-carb comfort foods. Unique in their versatility, Cali’flour’s flatbreads can be used as a low-carb replacement for tortillas, buns, pitas, even chips. And, the new Sun-Dried Tomato Flatbreads have a fresh and tangy flavor that’s sure to brighten any summer fare. 
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Introducing the NEW Cali'flour Foods!

Cali’flour Foods is excited to share some big news (frankly, the anticipation has been killing us!). Starting this week, we will begin to debut a new brand look for Cali’flour Foods, so you’ll notice major changes upon visiting our updated website or social media accounts and with our emails. You’ll also begin to see our updated packaging on the shelf in grocery stores later this summer and fall. Why the change, you might ask? 
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Fat is Where It's At

What types of food can you eat on the keto diet? Are there keto meal delivery services? Is there such thing as low-carb beer? How do you make keto french toast? Answers to these question and more are included in this edition of the Weekly Slice!  

Keto Lifestyle

16 Foods to Eat on a Keto Diet
While the ketogenic diet limits your daily carb intake to 20-50 grams, it certainly doesn't limit the varieties of food you can eat. From seafood to chocolate, this article captures 16 different types of food you can eat while on the keto diet. 

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